To clear up what we’re doing on Friday, the idea is that everyone will bring a storyboard for their comic. In this case, a storyboard will be a really rough outline of where you think you want your story to be headed. We don’t expect anyone to have totally nailed down their story yet, but it will be good to get some peer review on your ideas and to have a place to start.

Some advice for your story: Keep it short and sweet. 3 pages is enough for a beginning, a middle, and end, but it’s gotta be tight. Try not to cram too many characters or plotlines into it.

Here’s a great post by Terry Bisson about successful short stories. A lot of these can apply to our comics:

This is Jeff Ellis from Cloudscape Comic’s process. You can see how the storyboard is rough and just the beginning:

And here’s some tips on visual language from Scott McCloud who’s pretty much the king of comic book instruction and theory:. Definitely give this a read:

If anyone knows of any other good resources for storyboarding, post here and we’ll put them up!