Comic Carr…Spring Edition

For the Comic Carr Spring edition we’re trying something a bit different for our theme. It will either be an action or an object that must appear in every comic. A good theme is one that is open to many different interpretations and emotions. It should be applicable to multiple genres and time periods.

An example of an object could be a Key. Stories could be about breaking out of jail, a hacker, someone born for the sole purpose of unlocking something etc… It wouldn’t look the same in each comic, but all would have some sort of key.

An example of an action could be Flight. Stories could be about people learning to fly, a goose that lost the power to fly, someone running away from home…etc. We can’t use Flight as our theme because the Flight anthologies that Kazu Kibishi edits already uses this theme. Take out a few from the library if you can, they’re great inspiration.

We’re looking for suggestions for actions or objects. Email in, post on the Facebook group, or post on the blog. We’ll take suggestions until this Friday (the 31st). We’ll also be taking suggestions at the meeting, so come with ideas!

Voting will be from Saturday the 1st to Tuesday the 4th.

Suggestions so far:


‘A walrus statue’    ‘Totem’    ‘Car’    ‘Cereal box’    ‘Pandora’s Box’    ‘Cursed Box’ ‘Box’ ‘Lightbulb’ ‘Severed finger’   ‘Clock’ ‘Good luck charm’ ‘Treasure’ ‘Cloud’ ‘Log’ ‘Shoes’ ‘Space’


‘Switch’ ‘Find’


Comic Formatting



Deadline: December 12th



  • Either 2 pages (1 title page + 1 page of comics) or 4 pags (1 title page + 3 pages of comics)
  • Width = 6inches. Height = 9inches
  • 300 DPI
  • No two-page spreads
  • No fan comics. Original content only.
  • Colour is an option but not required
  • If you have colour going to the edges, have a .125 inch bleed

Format example:

com format



  • Story
  • Art
  • Commitment
  • Overall enjoyment/entertainment value
  • Script (if there is dialogue)
  • Flow
  • Wholeness (feels complete)
  • Interpretation of theme
  • Quality/Style
  • Layout
  • Fits the story
  • Attended Guideline review*
  • Meets submission requirements

*Only those comics that have been reviewed will be considered for the printed anthology

Cover Contest

Deadline: December 12th

Resolution: 300dpi

Dimensions: 6″x9″ with a .125″ bleed for each the front and the back.

The spine will vary based on the amount of pages we have so we’re making it simple and leaving that out of the contest. But talk to us if you want to incorporate it into your design.

On the front we require you to have the text “Comic Carr 1” and a title (either use “Dreams & Delusions” or message us if you want to use a different one). Aside from those requirements, you’re pretty free to do whatever you want.

On the back we are expecting to have an ISBN, our logo, and a few paragraphs of text to describe the anthology. We will be writing the description after we get a sense of the stories on November 8th so expect a final copy of it by the 15th. To plan for it though, make sure to have lots of space in your composition, especially near the middle of the page. Monday’s blog post will have some diagrams as examples.


  • Engaging
  • Interpretation of theme
  • Follows requirements
  • Interesting content
  • Visually stimulating
  • Easily noticeable
  • Memorable

Logo Contest

Deadline: November 15th.

We’ll need a logo that will be appearing on our comic and our website. In the future it could end up on things like shirts and posters, so it needs to work both small and large. You can use whatever colours you want but it must also work in black and white, grayscale, and two colours.

This is a logo for our group, not for this comic, so it does not have to be related to dreams and delusions. That being said, it will hopefully be around for years so it has to still be able to keep its relevance.

We know that not everyone can use Illustrator so you can submit a rendered sketch and if it’s chosen, we’ll work with you to digitalize it. If you do prefer to work digitally though, that’s great as well.



  • Memorable
  • Timeless
  • Versatile:
  • Appropriate: represents Comic Carr
  • Original
  • Works large, small, close up, and far away.
  • Can work In black and white, grayscale, and two colours

Check out these resources:

How to Design a Logo (GINA: hyperlink to

12 Rules When Designing a Logo (GINA: hyperlink to



To clear up what we’re doing on Friday, the idea is that everyone will bring a storyboard for their comic. In this case, a storyboard will be a really rough outline of where you think you want your story to be headed. We don’t expect anyone to have totally nailed down their story yet, but it will be good to get some peer review on your ideas and to have a place to start.

Some advice for your story: Keep it short and sweet. 3 pages is enough for a beginning, a middle, and end, but it’s gotta be tight. Try not to cram too many characters or plotlines into it.

Here’s a great post by Terry Bisson about successful short stories. A lot of these can apply to our comics:

This is Jeff Ellis from Cloudscape Comic’s process. You can see how the storyboard is rough and just the beginning:

And here’s some tips on visual language from Scott McCloud who’s pretty much the king of comic book instruction and theory:. Definitely give this a read:

If anyone knows of any other good resources for storyboarding, post here and we’ll put them up!



Group Name and Theme

We’re thinking of changing our name from Emily Carr Comic Panel to something else. Shoot us an email with any suggestions by October 3rd. Leadership will decide on this one, but we’d love your input.

What you do get to vote on as a group is the theme for our first anthology. A theme is important to have consistency strung through the different stories in our anthology so it can have a kind of unity. This is not meant to be a limitation but rather a challenge! Good themes are pretty open ended so there’s lots of room for creative interpretation.

We will be accepting suggestion until September 30th at 11:59pm. Leave a comment here with any suggestions. The voting period will be from October 1st-October 3rd at 11:59pm. We’ll send you an email about it!

Themes that are already suggested are:

  • Monsters
  • Different Worlds
  • Superheroes
  • Dreams
  • Memories
  • Food
  • Art student stereotypes
  • Mystery
  • Potatoes
  • 7 sins
  • Vancouver
  • Delusions
  • Gifts
  • Emily Carr (the school)
  • Post-apocalyptic Earth
  • Adventures
  • Finding joy/small things in life
  • Paper
  • Wild
  • WILB

Group name suggestions

  • Emily Carr Comic Panel
  • Emily Carr Comic Guild
  • Comic Carr
  • Comics at Emily Carr

Give us some more!

Edit: As people comment, we’ll be adding them to the list above, so don’t worry if you see repeats!


Information from the First Meeting

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the long post. There’s a lot of information here. This should cover everything we talked about in the meeting.

Welcome to the Emily Carr Comic Panel (name subject to change). Our long term goal is to give Emily Carr a strong identity in the comic world, but for this semester we will be putting together an anthology of short student-made comics. We will have two products: 1) a web release with everyone’s comics and 2) a printed version with as many of them selected as we can fit into the page limit.



Oct 11th – Group Crit: People will bring in a storyboard for their comic and we’ll do a casual peer review.

Oct 18th-November 2nd: We will try to find people to bring in for workshops, and failing that, we’ll run our own group activities.

November 8th – Guideline Review: To make sure everyone’s submissions fit the criteria, we ask that members bring their Works In Progress on a USB drive to this meeting (or on paper if you’re working traditionally and we’ll have a demo). If you can’t attend, it’s crucial that you crucial that you send us your WIP by this day as only comics reviewed by then will be considered for the printed release.

*Registration fees are also due this day

December 12th : Final deadline. All submissions must be in our Dropbox by 11:59pm on December 12th.

Dec 19th: By now we our Review Panel will have selected the comics that will be published in print and we will notify everyone about this decision.

Winter break: Scott and Jazz will put together the digital and the print anthology.

January: We will take orders for the books, collect the payments, and place the order.

February: Books will be received and the web release will go up.

Spring semester: Depending on the success of this project, we should be able to start others

August: We will sell our anthology at the Yellow Crane Festival.  Throughout the year we will also be looking for other opportunities so spread and sell our work.

The Future: There are so many possibilities. We hope to grow as a club and be able to have more publications of many different forms and sizes.



Membership fee will be $10 and is due by November 8th. These funds will go towards operational, production, and promotional costs. All excess money will stay in the Comic Panel’s bank account and will be used for future projects.

We will aim for the cost of each book to be about $20. This will be based on the amount of pages the book ends up being along with shipping costs. We will confirm the price with you in January.



You have the choice of submitting either 4 pages (3 pages of comic and one title page) or 2 pages (1 page of comic and one title page). All title pages will start on the right so remember this when you are planning your comic.

  • Width = 6inches. Height = 9inches
  • 300 DPI
  • No two-page spreads
  • No fan comics. Original content only.
  • Colour is an option but not required



We will be contacting you via email for important information but we will use this blog for longer posts. Please subscribe to it and check it regularly. In Janurary 2014 we hope to transition from a blog that has information to you to a website that will host our comics and showcase each individual artist. For now, use our Tumblr hashtag for anything related to the Comic Panel!


Facebook group:

Tumblr hashtag: #comicsecuad



We will be taking suggestions for our group name (to replace Emily Carr Comic Panel) until October 3rd.

There will be a logo design and cover design contest. More information will be given out by October 11th.

We will also be voting on a theme for our first anthology. There will be a post about that later tonight!



Aaaand that’s it for now. Sorry for loading you guys with so much info.

Telling us any comments, suggestions, or concerns would be really helpful. As a leadership team, we try to be the best we can for you, but we can only get better if you tell us what we’re doing well and what we need to improve.

Time to get excited!


Welcome Everyone :)

Here is the Emily Carr Comic Panel blog. This is where we will post important information for the members of the group so we don’t spam your email with mountains of text. The plan is to transition this blog into a public site that will show our comics and have sections for each artist in the group! We have posted a link to the Facebook group as well as the Tumblr group. So, have fun and be creative 🙂