Comic Carr…Spring Edition

For the Comic Carr Spring edition we’re trying something a bit different for our theme. It will either be an action or an object that must appear in every comic. A good theme is one that is open to many different interpretations and emotions. It should be applicable to multiple genres and time periods.

An example of an object could be a Key. Stories could be about breaking out of jail, a hacker, someone born for the sole purpose of unlocking something etc… It wouldn’t look the same in each comic, but all would have some sort of key.

An example of an action could be Flight. Stories could be about people learning to fly, a goose that lost the power to fly, someone running away from home…etc. We can’t use Flight as our theme because the Flight anthologies that Kazu Kibishi edits already uses this theme. Take out a few from the library if you can, they’re great inspiration.

We’re looking for suggestions for actions or objects. Email in, post on the Facebook group, or post on the blog. We’ll take suggestions until this Friday (the 31st). We’ll also be taking suggestions at the meeting, so come with ideas!

Voting will be from Saturday the 1st to Tuesday the 4th.

Suggestions so far:


‘A walrus statue’    ‘Totem’    ‘Car’    ‘Cereal box’    ‘Pandora’s Box’    ‘Cursed Box’ ‘Box’ ‘Lightbulb’ ‘Severed finger’   ‘Clock’ ‘Good luck charm’ ‘Treasure’ ‘Cloud’ ‘Log’ ‘Shoes’ ‘Space’


‘Switch’ ‘Find’


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